If I Was Crooked Timber, I’d Demand A Recount…

Disordered Ducks

Despite our justified renunciation of audit culture and academic hierarchy, we cannot not acknowledge the receipt tonight of OAIS (Outstanding Achievement in International Studies Weblogging) awards for both categories in which we were entered: best individual blog post (for John Hobson’s guest post on race and Eurocentrism) and for best group blog. How we won out over Cohen, Green and Wood on sexual violence and the Human Security Report will remain one of the great mysteries of democracy (seriously, go read), but we’re grateful nevertheless. Shout-outs too to Wronging Rights and Justice In Conflict, unjustly neglected.

May the stale halls of established academia shake with the news of our collective arrival.

7 thoughts on “If I Was Crooked Timber, I’d Demand A Recount…

  1. Since I’m not at ISA and am rather unwilling to mess extensively with Twitter, this is the only news I’ve received about who won the OAIS awards. (And this of course is a very partial report, which is understandable.) The Duck of Minerva itself cannot be bothered yet to report the results (even though Jon Western has a ‘Fri. linkage’ post there this a.m.)


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