The Disorder Of Things; Being a group blog devoted to the critical inquiry of global politics, but with a Decided Preference for the exploration of the Normative, the Philosophical and the Polemical.

For the Relentless Criticism of all Existing Conditions since October Two Thousand & Ten.

This is not an institutional blog. We are all academics working in the field of International Relations, broadly understood. And our posts are therefore – on the whole – about International Relations, broadly understood. But we do not post here as part of our day job, unless explicitly noted (in which case we will sign posts with our full titles and affiliations, per). Posts are acts of love, and curiosity, and engagement in the world. We are not paid for blogging, and produce what you read on our own time. Writing to our bosses because you don’t like something that has appeared here will be considered very bad form, and will win you no friends.

Individual contributors are responsible for their own words, but not for all possible interpretations and misinterpretations thereof. We encourage forthright speech, as well as humour, sarcasm, and appropriate quantities of bile (appropriate in relation to the actual state of the global politics). If you disagree with the content of a post, you are encouraged to take it up in the comments, or with the author directly. We are dedicated to pluralism of opinion, but repeatedly offensive comments will be disemvowelled.

The Disorder Of Things frequently features guest author posts and book symposia. If you would like to propose something along those lines, contact one of us individually, or email the Editorial team. We enjoy featuring work of substance, and of a generally critical bent, but are not mad keen on conference announcements, self-promotional material, or over-descriptive book reviews.

That splinter in your eye is the best magnifying-glass!

London, August 2015

2 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. A great idea to create such an institutional blog and compare insights and analyses! Looking forward to reading more! Stephan


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