2 thoughts on “Wealth Inequality in America

  1. Based on the comment about occupations, teachers; firefighter. lawyers. Somehow I think all those people are in the top 20% . He could have said food servers, factory workers, senior citizens etc. It would be interesting to ask people where they think their own household ranks. I would bet many American grossly underestimate how high up they are in the income distribution.


  2. @ Vladimir As a firefighter and speaking only on my profession their is a thing called “blood money”. The job is flat out dangerous. But I’m not talking about the obvious dangers like being trapped in a building and dying because of burning to death or suffocating . I’m talking about the long term health effects to being exposed to the job. Firefighters have higher heart disease rates and cancer rates just to name two. You can learn more about this at firefighterfactsnj.com
    I dont know if a firefighter salary puts us in the top 20 % like you say, but I do know that we deserve our pay considering the average life span of a retired firefighter is about 6 or 7 years. The inequality in America is that upper percentile Americans are making gobs of money like crazy while the rest of us are being forced to take cuts on top of cuts.

    I understand that you are just making an observation about the film and where firefighters actually rank in salary and that you are not commenting on whether our salary is justified. It’s just that lately politicians have done a good job of getting the attention off of them and focused on “overpaid public workers”. I took this opportunity to grand stand a little and try to get this message out.


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