Broadcasting from the bowels of disorder, The Dissonance of Things is a monthly podcast bringing you interviews, discussions and programmes on international relations, political theory, radical and subaltern politics, cultural analysis, and the academy (ivory and otherwise). Casts are collected here for your listening convenience, and are also available over at Soundcloud and iTunes.

#7: Disordering the Intimacies of Four Continents: A Reading Group (October 2020)

#6: Logistics – Violence, Empire and Resistance (May 2016)

#5: Decolonising the Academy (February 2016)

#4: Leftist Foreign Policy After Corbyn (October 2015)

#3: The Arms Trade and Its Discontents (September 2015)

#2: What The Hell Is Going On In Turkey? (August 2015)

#1: Sexism in Academia (July 2015)

7 thoughts on “Podcasts

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  2. Just listened to your newest podcast and I’m absolutely amazed by the depth of analysis! Congratulations! Just 1 request: Please make it more convenient to subscribe to your podcast and publish it on the well known platforms. This way it can be listened to offline as well. (Rural areas, car, run,…) If you had a software that included Chapter markers, so that one could return to certain parts of arguments or share specific sections of arguments that could be amazing! (Hint: The Podlove project)
    If you had a flattr-button, I’d use it straight away!


    • Thank you for your feedback. We have a download option for offline listening, but understand this isn’t necessarily the most ideal way of doing it. We’ll have a look at your suggestions for other platforms and see if we have the capacity/time to expand. Thanks again!



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  4. Hi, just listened to the podcast on Turkey. Fascinating! But so much has happened since then. How about a follow up? I am particularly interested in the future of the HDP, which partly by its own actions (ie its reluctance to distance itself from the PKK) and partly by the relentless persecution of the government, seems to have lost all political and popular legitimacy. Your panel predicted dark times ahead for Turkey. Unfortunately they were right!


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  6. Hi, are you guys posting any new podcasts soon?

    Considering the height of political tensions on the first half of 2018, it would also be fitting, apart from the blog posts, to be having discussions/interviews from different students and figure heads of IR to shed light on the ff issues: Korean Peace, Trump Administration, Updates on the Brexit, China’s further build up in the SEA region, and among other key global situations.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you people.
    Always been an avid follower.


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